Re: Cataloging Question Diane Paldan 21 Feb 2006 15:20 UTC

I guess I was looking for another source of this information beyond catalog
record.  Not as critical in a print world but a constant problem with
online access to journals.


At 09:11 AM 2/21/2006, John Radencich wrote:
>Also the 500 field for bibliographic information about the new
>publisher(s).  Also, answering Diane Paldan's question, in the 500 field
>you can give the entire publication history, if you wish, listing all
>the publishers, etc.  Generally though, if it's commercial publishers,
>the cataloging rules allow a general "imprint varies" or equivalent if
>you get over three publishers, though I've seen records that ignore that
>(seems to be happening more and more).  For associations and such, you
>list all, even if over three--unless it gets really absurd, with
>associations crawling out of the woodwork or the like, causing a very
>long record.
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>Steven C Shadle wrote:
>>037 contains the current subscription address.  Original publisher is
>>in 260.
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>>On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Shankle, Jean wrote:
>>>I am still pretty green when it comes to cataloging periodicals.  I am
>>>not finding in my Conser binders the answer to my question.  When the
>>>publisher of a periodical has changed, what field does that information
>>>go in?  I know that 037 contains the original publisher.  But the
>>>current one?
>>>Thanks for your help!
>>>Thank you.
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