The state of serials today Carrie Eastman 22 Feb 2006 13:46 UTC

Due to restructuring I have a new supervisor and she has made a very
interesting request which I thought I would pose here, as many of us
would be interested and it may spark an interesting discussion.  In the
past she has not done in-depth work with serials and expressed a desire
to be brought up to speed on the state of serials today.  She isn't
looking for anything too detailed, rather she would like the "executive
summary."  Clearly a tricky request to fill since serials is so
multi-faceted.  So, my question is, where would one go to obtain such
information?  I'm going to assume that there is not one place.  Could
anyone recommend journals, articles, websites, or books that may help me
bring her up to speed in a broad way?

Carrie S. Eastman
Serials Specialist
Wheelock College Library
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