Re: Change in print frequency for selected T&F journals Virginia Taffurelli 23 Feb 2006 15:46 UTC

Good morning, Learned Colleagues.

I hate to bring this up again now that it's died down, but I'm wondering
how others are dealing with this situation.  Our policy is to not provide
access to "free with print" titles because of their volatile nature.  With
the selected T&F titles, however, the combined print issues are not
available until as much as three months after they are available online.  I
believe this should be an exception to the rule and that we should provide
online access through our catalog and our A-Z list, but I'm butting my head
against a brick wall.

If your library is setting up the online access for these titles, please
let me know what rationale you used.  Please respond to me directly and
I'll summarize for the list.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on this.

Virginia Taffurelli

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Original message:

Hello All

An updated list of journals affected with expected print publication
dates and print and online ISSNs will appear by end of play Thursday at

I would like to clarify:

1) Both the online and the print issues will continue to correspond in
terms of volume and issue numbers.  So if for example Volume 1 Issue 1
is published online in Jan, Issue 2 in Feb and Issue 3 in March, the
combined print issue which will be published in March, will be numbered
Volume 1 Issues 1-3 2006.

There is no change in the way we will number print or online issues.
Therefore the citation will reflect the volume/issue/pagination of the
online and print issue (as they will be the same).  As John Lucas wrote
"consider the archival print issue as 3 issues bound together."  "with
the covers of the other issues bound in the archival print copy".

2) The expected publication dates of print issues, and a complete list
of the journals involved will be listed on our Librarians' website at

3) We offer online-only subscriptions but have no plans to offer
unbundled print-only subscriptions. If we were to make any further
changes in future then we would ensure that our print customers would
not be disadvantaged.

Kind regards