Re: AtoZ lists and password access Hutchens, Chad 03 Feb 2006 18:28 UTC

I'm assuming you have EJS Enhanced and not the free basic version?

In EBSCO EJS (in the admin interface that is) there is an option that
will allow you to display usernames and passwords for patron access.  So
if they get to EJS from your A-Z list they should be able to see the
access username and password.

However...that would seem to give anyone access to your licensed content
(which is a problem obviously) since EJS will be publicly accessible.
Honestly, I wasn't impressed with EJS at's a really clunky

I think the best solution to username/password access to licensed
content is to tell publishers that we won't use it anymore.  There's
absolutely no reason they can't put IP Authentication in place anymore.

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We subscribe to EBSCO's AtoZ, and EbscoHost EJS and we have come up with
a dilemma.  As an example, we access our online subscription to New
England Journal of Medicine with a password.  From our online catalog,
we redirect patrons to a secure web page which contains the password and
a link to the journal.  However, if a patron accesses this journal
through our AtoZ list, they get routed through EbscoHost EJS to the
publisher's site, but are denied access without a password.  There is no
way for them to know where this password resides.  I hope I've managed
to explain this clearly.  Does anyone have a solution to this?

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