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Retrieving serials solutions records in the OPAC jianxin9 28 Feb 2006 21:51 UTC

Hi everyone,

I was curious if those of you who use Serials Solutions records have had
this problem.  When there is a subfield "b" in the 245 field, and the patron
searches the whole title (for example "Health Services Management Research:
An Official Journal...." seen below), the title will not come up because of
the "electronic resource" note in the "h" subfield.  So basically the patron
needs to search "Health services management research" in order to retrieve
the title.  Has this been a problem for anyone?  How have you handled it?
Have you requested that serials solutions remove the subfield "h" or add a
246 variant title field that doesn't contain the "h" subfield?  Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.  Please feel
free to respond to me off-list at

‡a Health services management research ‡h [electronic resource] : ‡b an
official journal of the Association of University Programs in Health
Administration / ‡c HSMC, AUPHA.

Brandy Klug
Texas Woman's University Library
Denton, TX 76205