Re: AtoZ lists and password access Barbara Pope 03 Feb 2006 19:20 UTC

We use the Serials Solutions Article Linker open url product.  If there
is a journal you have access to either by subscription or it is free,
but it is not available in their database of journal titles, you can
individually add it.  You have to log into Serials Solutions with your
user id and password and click on "Help" at the top of the screen.
Click on the "Databases" link.  Then find the "Individual Title
Submission Form" and fill it out.  I frequently just email my tech
support person with the title, issn number, and how we access it.  I
don't really know how this would work with Ebsco's product, though.

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Michelle Kraft wrote:

>Is there a way to submit links to other journals that are not "in" Ebscos
>A-Z list?  For example if there is a relatively unknown journal available
>online that you guys use and is not listed in the titles within Ebsco is
>there a way to add it to your A-Z list with a URL that you submit?
>If so then do not use Ebsco's preconfigured list for titles like NEJM.
>Treat NEJM and the other password journals as if they are the unknown
>journal title and submit your own link to the secure page to Ebsco.
>I did this with Serials Solutions and all of the Mosby titles and it worked
>well in our institution.  I have not used Ebsco so I do not know if the same
>trick will work with them.
>Let me know if you have any questions or somebody has a better idea, I would
>love to find out what it is.
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>We subscribe to EBSCO's AtoZ, and EbscoHost EJS and we have come up with
>a dilemma.  As an example, we access our online subscription to New
>England Journal of Medicine with a password.  From our online catalog,
>we redirect patrons to a secure web page which contains the password and
>a link to the journal.  However, if a patron accesses this journal
>through our AtoZ list, they get routed through EbscoHost EJS to the
>publisher's site, but are denied access without a password.  There is no
>way for them to know where this password resides.  I hope I've managed
>to explain this clearly.  Does anyone have a solution to this?
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