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Sally I would like to see that spreadsheet.
I am working on something similar, it would be nice to get some ideas.

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I have created a spreadsheet to use when shifting.  I have columns for
Titles (includes both dead and active), Measurement of current inches,
Measurement of past year inches, formula to calculate 5 years growth and
total inches needed for each title.   I then number the shelves and on the
spreadsheet a formula calculates where on each shelf a title should begin
and end.  I used removable labels to put on the top of each shelf indicating
shelves 1-7, 8-15 etc.  The advantage to this system was that I could work
anywhere in the stacks since I knew what shelf a title would be on and where
it should begin and end.  For example title might begin on shelf 7.46 or
about in the middle of shelf 7 and stop on shelf 8.75.  The next title
begins at 8.75.   It does require accurate measuring, but I was able to give
the project to students with a measuring tape and laptop and they did quite
well.  I would be glad to send my spreadsheet to
anyone is interested.


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It takes a bit longer and some calculations, but I measure the run of
each title, then measure the last three years of issues for that title.
Add them together and you'll have the space needed for the title.  This
also means that you have to measure all of your shelf space to make
certain you have room for your measured titles plus their growth.

This is where weeding often comes to play.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call.  We just got done
with our two year shift.


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              Please respond
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            Hello all,

Do any of you have a "rule of thumb" about how much shelf space (i.e,
inches or  Princeton files)  is GENERALLY needed for

Subscriptions?   I understand some journals can be almost 2" thick,
while magazines only ½", but is there a general rule of thumb for

Space needed for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, weekly, serials, etc.?

I am shifting our periodicals and am trying to allow space for at least
3 years of growth for most titles.

Please respond to me at

Thank you!

Linda Heimburger

Central Carolina Technical College Library

Sumter, SC