Interviews on Open Access in Research Information Magazine Stevan Harnad 01 Jun 2006 15:15 UTC

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Research Information has just published a series of interviews by
editor Sian Harris on Open Access:

    * 'Open access is much wider than just readers not paying'
      Martin Richardson, Oxford Journals
    * 'Academics have access anyway'
      Michael Mabe, formerly of Elsevier
    * 'Text mining of subject archives will enable new facts to be
      Robert Terry, The Wellcome Trust
    * 'Self-archiving should be mandatory'
      Steven Harnad, U Quebec/Montreal & U Southampton
    * 'The environmental community will embrace open-access'
      Tim Smith, Institute of Physics Publishing
    * 'Many areas of research are funded by taxpayers but they do not
      see the results'
      Matthew Cockerill, BioMed Central
    * 'The first priority should be awareness-raising'
      Alma Swan, Key Perspectives
    * 'Our community is used to immediate release of preprints'
      Jens Vigen, CERN
    * 'Get research authors to change their behaviour'
      Leslie Carr, University of Southampton

A few errors crept into the interview with me, so I have posted a
corrected version of my bit (corrections in red) at:

Research Information has also added a small poll about OA publishing and
OA self-archiving, but there too, the first question somewhat
misdescribed the alternatives: It is not Subscription vs. Author Pays.
It should be "Subscriber-Institution Pays" vs. "Author-Institution

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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 14:57:08 +0100
From: Sian Harris
Subject: Open access interview

Dear Stevan

Thank you for your help with my open access article. The interviews have
just gone live on our new-look website at

We have also
just launched a simple poll on the home page to gauge views on the
open-access debate - go to
to cast your vote!

A copy of the magazine will also be sent to you when they come back from the

Best wishes,

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