Re: dropping "indexed in"? Kemp, Rebecca 16 Jun 2006 13:03 UTC

I've referred to 510 fields on a number of occasions.  My preference
would be to leave them in, unsuppressed, because they are useful in
general but especially so for publications that may not be available
through online platforms / aggregators.


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 I've noticed that many libraries do not include  "Indexed In" lists for
their serials records.  Ours are in the 510 note field and usually list
print indexes such as Reader's Guide; ABI Inform, etc.    Many libraries
include their Marc format in the opac, and I do not see this information
there either.

 So my question du jour is:  should I keep this info, but hide it from
public view?  or should I delete this stuff?  then what happens if
someone wants to do a retrospective search?  how will they know which
indexes to go back to?

 What is the collective wisdom on this topic?


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