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Re: Change to IP address ranges for electronic journals/electronic resources? (fwd) Dan Lester 19 Jun 2006 18:01 UTC

Tuesday, June 13, 2006, 9:54:19 AM, you wrote:

SM> Then of course, there is the testing to make sure it worked. The
SM> major change I had to make was our outbound proxy IP, and it was
SM> impossible to test because all the computers I have access to are
SM> within our network.

In most situations it IS possible to take care of that problem.  We
also run a proxy server to authenticate off campus users.  In our
case, the university is 132.178.*.* and all of those are passed
through without requiring authentication.  But so that we can test, MY
IP address is excluded from that range.  So when the proxy server sees
my IP address, it requires me to authenticate.  This not only allows
me to test things from my computer, it also lets me step through
things step by step when a remote user with a problem is on the phone.
I can say "go to the library home page, click on indexes, pick index
XXX, now put in your login and PW, etc, etc."  That lets me know
exactly where the problem is (in remote database, in proxy server, or
in the most frequent case....user not logging in correctly).

If your library runs the proxy server, your library techies should be
able to handle this.  If it is campus IT, it might be a big more
complicated, but they should be willing to do so.


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