Heckman results Genest, Sylvia 23 Jun 2006 13:24 UTC

Thank you to all who responded to my query about Heckman/ICI Bindery

Of a dozen email replies:

*	Five libraries have stayed the course, two reporting
improvements since January;
*	Three have left Heckman since last fall, due to similar
problems; and
*	Four are happily using other binderies, such as Houchen Bindery
and National Library Bindery*.  I also heard very positive comments
about ICI (now Heckman/ICI of course) in Greensboro, NC.

In addition, I contacted two other KY academic libraries using Heckman.
One says problems continue, the second says service and quality are
significantly better since the start of 2006.

Finally, we have decided to stay with Heckman for another year based on
the following.

1.	They are listening to us now.  The new general manager in
Indiana, Scott Fultz, is determined to turn things around for us.  We're
his "special project" and quality control is his field of expertise.
2.	This plant has been a primarily-LARS facility, but is working
towards changing that to ABLE.  ICI is mostly ABLE-oriented, and so are
3.	We will no longer spend excess processing time, but use our new
line of command when we don't get 24-hr. service.  Plus, Scott is
committed to reduce their 8% -10% error rate, to their 1% standard.
4.	Heckman's prices are low and we believe, unlikely to be matched
in a bid.

*Note:  You can find addresses/contacts for these and other binders at
www.lbibinders.org/Members, the Library Binding Institute's website.

Thank you all once again.

Sylvia A. Genest

Team Leader

Catalog Maintenance

Eastern Kentucky University Libraries,

(859) 622-1783