Re: Forthcoming OA Developments in France Rick Anderson 26 Jun 2006 21:35 UTC

> CNRS is
> mistaken in its worry that CNRS researchers would resist a
> self-archiving
> mandate: Multiple author surveys -- international and multisciplinary
> -- as well as repeated experience with actual mandates have shown that
> there will be very high rates of compliance.

While author surveys may certainly be suggestive of future behavior, I'm
not sure they can be said to "show" what such behavior will be.  Ask
authors whether they'll obey a mandate, and I imagine that few will say
no.  Whether they'll really do so when the times comes, I think, remains
an open question.

"Experience with actual mandates" is a different matter entirely, of
course.  Has that experience been formally documented, Stevan, and if
so, can you provide references to the documentation?  (You've probably
already cited them in previous postings, but for those of us who may not
have read those postings in their entirety...)

It would also be interesting to see the results of the author surveys to
which you refer.  I assume that they're publicly available online

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