Shutting down the Gold Road (RE: [SERIALST] Open Choice is a Trojan Horse for Open Access Mandate) Rick Anderson 28 Jun 2006 21:57 UTC

> No, for immediate (and overdue) OA, there is no other valid option.

So much for the Gold Road, I guess.  From now on, it's the Green Road or
nothing?  Am I misconstruing your position here?

> OA means free online access to published, peer-reviewed journal
> articles.

No, Stevan, that's _your_ definition of OA.  It is by no means the only

> The journals do not have to be OA journals; they
> just have to
> be peer-reviewed journals, which they are.

Right.  Let me ask my question again, and let me see if I can
short-circuit the anticipated evasive response:

Yes, I understand the difference between self-archiving and what you
call "OA publishing."  In the past, it seemed to me that you were saying
OA publishing (the Gold Road) is unnecessary; that self-archiving (the
Green Road) is sufficient.  (In fact, in the past you have explicitly
said that the Green and Gold Roads are "complementary.")  But it now
sounds as if you're saying that the Gold Road is counterproductive,
because it diverts, etc., from the Green Road.  Have you changed your
mind?  Is it now the Green Road or nothing?

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