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In this scenario, why not contact the organization/pub, explain the
situation, and ask them?

That would answer the question and at the same time, avoid the problem
of getting each issue individually delivered to the library by the

Generally speaking, I also was of the opinion it is illegal for
libraries to have journals donated by those who pay an individual rate.
This discussion is really interesting, though - why journals & not
books/newspapers etc?  And how is it that anyone (as far as I know) can
donate to libraries that have suffered disasters (Hurricane Katrina) or
those in poor areas of the world, if not country?

Good food for thought.

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What about when all physicians in the group obtain a copy of the same
journal because they are members of an organization and have one of
those membership journals sent directly to the library instead of the
office.  For example,  members of a GYN group who each get Am j of
obstet gynec and have that sent to us. [Which has been proposed], is
that an acceptable "donation"
since the journal comes with membership??

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