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We also are an academic library and in the process of implementing
something very similar to what Gettysburg is doing.  However, our number
of titles is much smaller.  We have about 675 print subscriptions (many
others have been migrated to online only) and we're targeting 80 titles
of the current awareness/popular magazine type arranged alphabetically
for our browsing collection.  We will keep the current volume of those
titles in the browsing area.  Issues for all other titles will go
directly to the shelves with our bound volumes.

Although we've had faculty buy-in for the concept, the impact of the
actual move won't be seen until fall.


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>>> Mary Holland <mholland@GETTYSBURG.EDU> 06/09/06 11:01 AM >>>
Dear Harriet,

We are an academic library. We used to keep current issues of all our
journals (1200+) in a display area alphabetically by title. Two years
ago we reduced this to a selection of roughly 150 current awareness,
popular magazine, and literary reviews, also arranged alphabetically
title.  All other titles go directly to our compact shelving.

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RE: Browsing or Current periodical collections

If you have a browsing or current periodical display area where you
place a subset of your subscriptions, I have 3 questions to ask.  We

interested in re-arranging our browsing collection and wondered how
other libraries do it.  Thanks for your input.

1.  Is the collection arranged by:   Title
                                                     Call number
                                                    Other, please

2.  Is the library:   Public

3.   Approximately how many titles are in the browsing collection

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