ALA Program Announcement: The Catalog Transformed Amber Meryman 13 Jun 2006 13:45 UTC

ALA Program Announcement, Please excuse cross postings.

Catalog Transformed: From Traditional to Emerging Models of Use

RUSA-RSS "Catalog Use Committee", co-sponsored by RUSA-MARS "User Access
to Services Committee"

Sunday, June 25
4:00 - 5:30 pm
ALA Annual 2006 New Orleans
Morial Convention Center - Rooms 295-296

Given the increasing Googlization of electronic resources in libraries,
should the catalog, serial lists, and database lists be accessed through
a single interface? If so, how will our users understand what they are
getting? If not, what are the risks to users and librarians of
maintaining separate systems for searching? We will hear a panel of
experts discuss emerging models of catalog use, the consequences of
maintaining separate systems, and how libraries are addressing the
changing needs and expectations of users.


Andrew K. Pace, Head of Systems, N. Carolina State Univ.; Columnist,
"Technically Speaking," American Libraries
Cindy Levine, Reference Librarian for the Humanities, N. Carolina State
John Blyberg, Network Administrator and Lead Developer, Ann Arbor
District Library
Jina Wakimoto, Head of Cataloging, University of Colorado, Boulder
Jill Newby, Literature, Rhetoric & Creative Writing Librarian,
University of Arizona

Followed by audience Q & A.

Contact info for RUSA-RSS Catalog Use Committee: Anne C. Moore, or Liane Luckman,
Contact info for RUSA-MARS User Access to Services Committee: Bryna