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We are a small university library.

We have two browsing areas. They are both arranged by Title. In our
lobby/reading area we have our current interest titles. These are titles
such as Newsweek, Oklahoma Today, New Scientist. The amount varies, but
we have about 35 titles in this area.

In our periodical room we have another section of more discipline
specific titles. These are journals that still might have a broader
appeal than the discipline itself. They selected sometimes if they are
new to the collection and we want our students and faculty to notice.
Titles such as Science, New England Journal of Medicine. Our foreign
language journals are in this section. We have about 45 titles in this

Although you have not asked this question, we have found usage does
increase with display of titles. We have our display titles and shelves
barcoded by title to track usage. Not all usage will be recorded of
course, but it does often enough to register.

Vernell Ward
Library Serials
Shawnee, OK

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RE: Browsing or Current periodical collections

If you have a browsing or current periodical display area where you
place a subset of your subscriptions, I have 3 questions to ask.  We
interested in re-arranging our browsing collection and wondered how
other libraries do it.  Thanks for your input.

1.  Is the collection arranged by:   Title
                                                     Call number
                                                    Other, please

2.  Is the library:   Public

3.   Approximately how many titles are in the browsing collection

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