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Although the "regular prediction" combine/omit button in Voyager 5
functions as described below, the complex pattern option does allow for
combining and omitting seasons as well.  It also enables users to
predict 3x/month on specified days (e.g. 1st, 10th, & 20th) and lots of
other normalized irregular.  It took me most of a day to figure out just
how it works, but once I understood the basic concepts involved (through
plenty of trial and error in spite of the relevant pp. in the manual) I
found it pretty easy to work with.  But I need to train my supervisor,
because at the moment I'm the *only* staff member in our library who
knows how to work with it.

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Please respond to the list.  We haven't upgraded yet (still on Unicode)
so I haven't reviewed this in detail.  I was under the impression (from
Serials SIGs at previous EndUsers, etc.) that the prediction engine for
pattern creation was supposed to be more robust with Voyager 5.0 in that
there would be many more frequencies that one could choose to use
combine/omit or a combination of both.  From a 6/7 email response from
Adam Benitez (UCLA Law Library) he noted:

>>... but as for the combine/omit button, voyager 5 only allows
combine/omit >to be used on patterns >>with daily and monthly


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Is there anyone using Voyager 5 that would be willing to answer a
question for me?

We are still using 2003 1.1, but are getting ready to upgrade all the
way up to 6 as soon as it is released in a couple of days.  I have been
looking at the Complex Publication Pattern feature from 5 and trying to
get it down.  I understand its purpose.  Are any of you using it very
much and how are you finding it to be working?

Please e-mail be directly at:

Many thanks.

Miss Jean Shankle
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