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Re: IET manufacturing engineer - title change? Steven C Shadle 30 Jun 2006 23:10 UTC

I agree with Beth up to a point.  If there was ambiguous typography or
presentation and/or if the change were not presented in other sources
(specifically the masthead/publication statement) then I think Beth's
suggestion of "At head of title" is a great solution.  However, if there
was a clear decision made on the part of the publisher (reflected in a
publisher statement and/or consistent presentation of what is clearly a
changed title), then I think the cataloger would have been hard-pressed to
not consider the change to be a title change.

And remember, according to pre-2002 rules, issuing bodies added to the
beginning of titles were considered title changes.  So if the presentation
were not ambiguous (which is hard to tell without piece in hand), then we
would actually have three records for the title in question.

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On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Beth Guay wrote:

> Before the "major minor" rules, we simply would have added an "at head
> of title note," and a title added entry for the "variant," i.e.: At head
> of title, <Apr./May 2006-> IET;  and: 246 3 IET manufacturing engineer.
> The fact is, if you look at it as an "at head of title" issue, the title
> hasn't changed at all. So, in the spirit of the revised rules, that is,
> to prevent whenever possible unnecessary creation of new records -- and
> this case is a great example -- I would hope that the cataloger who gets
> the piece in hand and updates this record chooses that approach -- rules
> were made to be interpreted and bended (by humans for humans) :-)
> Beth
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John Radencich wrote:
>> I'm not so sure.  For a major change "consider as a major change in title
>> proper a change in a corporate body name given anywhere in the title if it
>> is a different corporate body."  They may just be initials, but IET is a
>> different name from IEE.  Or at least (and to emphasize) the organization
>> the initials IET stands for is a different name from that of the
>> organization the initials IEE stands for.  So I would feel compelled to go
>> with major change.  Furthermore, in the list of minor changes the third
>> category says "a difference involving the name of the same corporate body."
>> I'm afraid IET and IEE don't stand for the same corporate bodies.
>> John Radencich
>> Library-Cataloging Dept.
>> Florida International University
>> Steven C Shadle wrote:
>>> Boy, this is a tough one, but I'm going to take a stab.
>>> The original title proper against which later titles are benchmarked
>>> is:
>>> Manufacturing engineer
>>> The addition of IEE in front of the title is a minor change.  The
>>> addition of IET in front of the title would be a minor change.  As
>>> long as there is no reference to the corporate body elsewhere in the
>>> serial's entry (eg, uniform title qualifier, corporate body main
>>> entry), I would consider this a minor change.
>>> And then there's the "In case of doubt, consider minor."
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>>> On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Peter Hosking wrote:
>>>> The Manufacturing engineer now has a different title but I'm unsure if
>>>> this is a major or minor change. I've noticed that sn89013432 OCLC
>>>> #19864213) has a variant title "Issues for <Mar./Apr. 2003> have title:
>>>> IEE manufacturing engineer."    I'm guessing that "IEE manufacturing
>>>> engineer" was considered to be a minor change.  The title has now become
>>>> "The IET manufacturing engineer" with the April/May 2006 issue.  Could
>>>> this latest change also be considered minor?
>>>> The Manufacturing engineer was published by the Institution of
>>>> Production Engineers. Since 1991 it has been issued by IEE, and now that
>>>> IEE has changed its name, it is being issued by IET.
>>>> Can someone guide me on this?
>>>> Thank you
>>>> Peter Hosking
>>>> Serials Cataloguing Librarian
>>>> Collection Services
>>>> University of Canterbury Library
>>>> Christchurch
>>>> New Zealand