Re: Your comments appreciated, or to class or not to class periodical collection Mitch Turitz 30 Jun 2006 17:56 UTC


   Our library is a medium sized academic library.  From the first day
I started here, 19 years ago, I made arguments for using call numbers
for the periodicals, which are still shelved by title and in a
separate department for periodicals.  All to no avail, I was given
arguments like, "who is going to label, and move all the periodicals?
We don't have the staff to take on that big a project!" (A good
argument in my opinion), and, "the patrons like it this way, it's how
they search for the titles." However there was no study done to
confirm that. It was more the preference of the person in charge of
the dept. rather than doing any kind of survey.  The dept. head also
insisted on a regular printout of all the journals located in the
dept. by alphabetical order, even though they were all included into
the OPAC.  We discontinued that list, which required a lot of work to
fit her specifications, after she retired.

   So we continue to shelve by title, but we leave the 050/090 blank,
and add a 246 with a 2nd indicator of "9".  Our vendor converted the
display of any 246 09 to display in the OPAC as: "SHELVED AS: _____"
this allows us to indicate that the binder may have continued to
print the old  or other title on the new successive entry title, so
we may still find the title.  This helps with titles which fluctuate
like "Atlantic" and "Atlantic Monthly" - only one place to look for
the title. There are better examples than this, but it is the first
one that jumped to mind.

   We also use a location code of "Periodicals Dept." instead of
"Main" (which is where the monographs are shelved.)  Shelved by title
does not allow for browsing by subject in the stacks, the way the
monographs are arranged.  Another argument for classifying together.

   I still would like to see our collection shelved by LC call number
and integrated into the collection so that all like materials are
shelved together, but I have been outvoted by people in higher

-- Mitch Turitz, Serials Librarian

>>>  rglaser@TROY.EDU 6/20/2006 2:20 PM >>>

     I work at a small academic library, and I'm adding periodicals to
our library's catalog.  Because we have only unbound issues kept in
alphabetical order, I assigned the word "PERIODICAL" to the 090 field
instead of an LC class number.  However, some of the staff question
that; they think an LC class number should be used. Our director told us
to get documentation on why we should continue to use "Periodical" or
use LC class.
     It would be helpful to know what other libraries do and why.  I
would greatly appreciate hearing from you!

Robbin Glaser
Technical Services Librarian
Troy University, Dothan
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