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Sample collection policies-- print vs. online journals Patricia Thompson 25 Oct 2006 22:04 UTC

I am looking for some sample collection policies that address the
issue of moving from print to online subscriptions for journals. The
reason is that if we had a general policy it would certainly save
time and make decisions easier, but we need a mandate from our
faculty, so we need to write something up that they can approve or disapprove.

I have searched the archives here, and I've found some policies on
the web just from searching. Does anyone have some good examples to
recommend? I'm most interested in small liberal arts colleges, rather
than medical schools or huge research universities, but I would like
to look at various kinds of policies to get an idea of what might work here.

Thank you in advance.

Pat Thompson

Patricia Thompson
Assistant University Librarian for Resource Management Services
Jessie Ball duPont Library
The University of the South
735 University Ave.
Sewanee, TN 37383