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>>However, at least one of our faculty members wasn't satisfied with
this, so we also have a subscription to WSJ Interactive on the web.<<

One faculty member?  Just out of curiosity, why did you not tell him
'no'?  IW

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At 10:00 PM 11/15/2006, Dana Belcher wrote:

>WSJ does not grant institutional online subscriptions.  It took me 3
>months of phone calls, emails, and very poor customer service to find
>this out.

I am probably committing "library e-resource heresy" by sharing this
information, but here goes. We have access to WSJ through both
Proquest National Newspapers (current) and Proquest Historical
Newspapers (past). However, at least one of our faculty members
wasn't satisfied with this, so we also have a subscription to WSJ
Interactive on the web. No, this is not an institutional
subscription. It has an individual username and password. But when I
asked the rep about this she told me this was the only kind of
subscription they had. In reading the user agreement, it does not
specifically say that you can't let someone else use your login info.
It only says that "Only one individual may access a Service at the
same time using the same user name or password, unless we agree
otherwise."  The only other caveat is "If you provide someone else
with access to your password to a Service, they will have the ability
to view information about your account and make changes through the
website for the Service."

We do have a number of resources that do not use IP recognition, and
our usernames and passwords for these are listed on a web page that
is not accessible off-campus. We have a note in our catalog records
and in the journal portal indicating that the username and password
are required, and a link to the password page.

It's probably not as "secure" as it could be, but we are a small
institution, and we have not had any problems.  Well, for a while we
used to have people change the password, and so when the next person
tried to get in it didn't work. So when they reported it, we would
call WSJ and reset the password. (We do not share the answer to the
security question.) But that hasn't happened in over a year.

Pat Thompson

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