Re: Help need for an 853 tag entry Frieda Rosenberg 22 Nov 2006 16:48 UTC

Hi Myrna -
If the issue information changes quarterly, and the volume number
changes yearly, then isn't the volume number a larger unit than the
issue (and should therefore be to its left?)  The \u and \v after issue
don't match what you're telling us about its pattern.
Then there are two further levels of numbers?
I can't quite picture this, so it would be helpful if you could just
show us in order what has come in for, say, two years of issues.
Issue 1 volume 1 no. 1 no. 1 [year]   (is what you're saying, right?)

You might also ask the user group of your system this question, if we
can't straighten it out.  Hope to hear back from you.
Frieda Rosenberg (UNC-Chapel Hill, N.C., USA)

Myrna Hermann wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>We have a journal giving the following information -
>Issue Volume Number Number Year
>This issue information changes with each issue, the volume number
>changes with the year, and both numbers change.
>I have created this 853 tag
>\a Issue \v c \b Vol. \u 1 \v r \c no. \u 4 \v c \d no. \u 4 \v c \i
>(year) \w q
>Everything except the issue changes successfully.
>Would you be able to give me some pointers as to where I'm going wrong?
>Kind thanks,
>Myrna Hermann
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