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First call for nominations Jane Binksma 24 Nov 2006 19:08 UTC

Hello all,

Please consider nominating your department/library/employee, or suggest
nomination to someone else you know who has been innovative in tech
services for the 2007 CLA/3M Canada Award for Achievement in Technical
Services.  Please note that nominations are restricted to those with
institutional memberships to CLA.

A special project, a new workflow, or an entirely new way of doing
something standard all potentially qualify as innovation.  We are open
to a wide variety of submissions.

The award deadline is not until February 28th, which gives plenty of
time for everyone to spread the word!

For more information about the award and its criteria, please follow
this link:

Thank you!!

Jane Binksma
Chair, CLA/3M Canada Award for Achievement in Technical Services Search

Jane Binksma
Acquisitions Librarian
Collections Team
Ryerson University Library
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON
M5B 2K3
416-979-5000 ex. 4855