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Re: EBSCO's Registration Tracker Rentz, Paivi H 28 Nov 2006 18:41 UTC

I have used the Registration Tracker quite a bit.

1) The Tracker does frequently provide the URL to register. And it does
state what piece of information is needed for registering (customer id
or subscription id). However, the code needed for registration is
frequently not present or it may not be correct. Frequently, I've ended
up contacting the publisher asking for the number if I cannot find it
Ebsco's Ownership & Access report or the Ebsco invoice, which are the
other two places I have occasionally found the necessary codes. It seems
like many times the publishers do communicate the information to Ebsco
but the information does not make its way to the Registration Tracker,
which is unfortunate because the code is the critical piece in the
registration process.

2) I have entered notes to record the customer number, to indicate when
resource is authenticated via user name and password only, i.e. not
usable for us, if there's anything else I want to remember about the
registration (such as IP access only on 5 workstations). I now
frequently come across these notes and they've been helpful many times.

3. I like the notes and I dislike the incompleteness of the registration

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Does anyone on Serialist use EBSCO's Registration Tracker?  If so, I'm
interested in hearing your feedback regarding the following questions:

1) Does it provide vital information you need in order to register, such
as customer numbers, instructions for registering and authenticating
content, etc.

2) What type of notes do you enter?

3) Does it help you manage the registration process of your e-journals?
What do you like most/least about it?

Thank you,

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