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CINAHL gives a nice listing for the titles they index:

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Subject: [SERIALST] peer-reviewed journals

Are there any guides or listings of journals (other than in Ulrich's or
Cabell's) which will provide more details on which journal titles are
peer-reviewed, editorially-reviewed and blind or double-blind reviewed?

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In some cases tier pricing is based on your institution's Carnegie

Classification  Description < >

or, in cases where there are usage stats for an online product/journal, by

the amount of usage an institution makes of the online resource being

priced, e.g AIP titles or Project Muse.

Who applies it?  Depending on the size of your institution and/or the

programs offered by your institution (the website above spells it out in

detail) either you apply it or the pricing agent/publisher.  If your

institution does not fall into a neat Tier, then you may have to have a

discussion with the agent/publisher applying the pricing.  Since Wesleyan

University is one of those institutions that falls between Tiers, I am

always having to make a case for appropriate Tier pricing.

Who manages it?  Depends on how much you trust your vendor to be able to

manage that information for your account. Two of the larger vendors with

whom I work can keep this info as part of our records in their data files.

Otherwise, its in your hands to assure the correct pricing has been

assigned for what you think is your Tier.

I am assuming that the above information relates to the Tier pricing you

are encountering.  But who knows: maybe some publisher thought up another

method that I have not yet come across.

Gotta love the creative economic models for serial pricing.  Certainly

keeps us on our toes to stay informed!


Helen M. Aiello, Serials/E-Resources Librarian

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT  (A tier 2 or 3, depending on the good

graces of the pricing agency)


At 02:52 PM 9/7/2006, you wrote:

>Hello all,


>Can anyone point me to a document that will define the process by which

>journals are designated with a tier (i.e. tier one, tier two etc.)?  Or,

>could anyone please enlighten me about this ranking?  I am having a hard

>time finding any sort of concrete definition or explanation.  Is this a

>standard?  If so, who applies it and manages it?


>Thanks for any insight,




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