WSJ...was Do you still keep subscription of microfilms of New York Times and Wall Street J. ? Pamela Contakos 15 Nov 2006 14:05 UTC

Speaking of the Wall Street Journal, those of you who have it online, where do you get it from? We have been trying to get an online subscription to it and the databases that have it are very expensive. I tried to contact the publisher to get an institutional online subscription and never heard back from them despite repeated attempts.

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On 11/15/2006 8:50 AM, Hill, Katherine <Hillk@ECC.EDU> wrote:
>This is a very good question.  We are a community college and cancelled
>the microfilm subscriptions to almost everything a few years ago.
> We
>felt the cost was excessive given the amount of use.  This was a
>difficult decision even for a 2 year institution.  We share a pool
>databases within the SUNY library system, so coverage varies from
>to year depending on the decisions of the group.  We have online
>to the NYT and even though the coverage is incomplete, it is sufficient
>for our needs.
>However, we do not have access to the WSJ.  Can anyone advise us
>on the
>best way to get online access?  Order direct or through a vendor?
>I wouldn't put the money into microfilm, because students are so
>computer-focused that they want everything online.  The considerable
>savings from canceling film have gone into the online databases and
>into upgrading our audiovisual collection.
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