Re: Do you still keep subscription of microfilms of New York Times and Wall Street J. ? Wolff, Cindi J. (HSC) 15 Nov 2006 14:47 UTC

Additionally, it depends on your user pool -- but the full text online
does NOT include things like advertisements -- which are useful to a
number of popular culture researchers and historians.

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The reason that online newspaper databases such as Lexis/Nexis and
Historical Newspapers
lack some images and content that are still available in the microfilm
the New York Times has to do with the Supreme Court Tasini Decision
ruled that publishers who allow works by freelance employees to be
in online databases would be guilty of violating the copyright of the
freelancers.  [See comments of Richard Wiggins (excerpted below)  at]

"The National Writers Union and its supporters enjoyed a brief period of

euphoria after the Supreme Court ruled in the case of New York Times Co.
Tasini.  Tasini et al hoped that through litigation they could win
retrospective payments for freelancers who had written for the Times and

various other publishers.  But the euphoria was fleeting: the Times,
learned that their use of freelancers' works in online databases such as

LexisNexis violated the copyright of the authors, ordered databases to
remove the freelancers' works from the archives."

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> Our situation is exactly the same as Sandy's.  We are still
> to both Wall Street Journal and the New York times microfilms.  The
> Reference Librarians wouldn't agree to cancel them.  The reason is the
> same that they feel the online doesn't have all the content or image
> the microfilm does.
> Jane
> Sandy Beehler wrote:
>> we've considered cancelling the NYT microfilm, which costs $5000 a
>> year, but even after I did a 3 month use study that showed very
>> use of the film, the selectors wouldn't agree to cancel it.   The
>> feeling is that the online does not have all the content that MF
>> sandy
>> Tian Zhang wrote:
>>> It is time for our library to renew our microfilm subscriptions now.
>>> just wonder whether the other academic libraries still subscribe the
>>> microfilms of the two newspapers if they are available online from
>>> databases such as ProQuest, which the library subscribes too.
>>> I am thinking of canceling the microfilms which means we will stop
>>> collection of these two newspapers since they published. I am not
>>> this is a correct decision or not. I would appreciate it very much
>>> you please share with me about your libraries decisions.
>>> Thank you.
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