AsianWeek numbering and editions Kay Teel 16 Nov 2006 15:32 UTC

We had much confusion this year over the numbering of AsianWeek
newspaper. Here is the publisher's response. He mentions hearing from
other librarians about this, so I hope this will be useful to share.
I searched the SERIALST archive but didn't find anything about
AsianWeek. My institution usually gets the local edition, but lately
we have been receiving the national edition more often, and the jumps
in numbering were startling.

>From: Samson Wong <>
>1. The content is the same.
>2. LOCAL EDITION: The Vol 27 series is the local edition distributed by us
>through newsracks and at the home.
>3. NATIONAL EDITION: The Volume 2, etc. series is our mailed edition which
>can be identified by the "National" on the cover.
>3. Early this year, we changed the numbering so that each issue has the same
>number. Hence, our November 17 local issue is Volume 27, No. 13 and national
>edition Volume 3, No. 13.
>Hopefully this clarifies the new numbering. You're not the only librarian
>who has called about this.

Kay Teel
Serials Cataloger
Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources