Re: Sports Illustrated-Updates? Skwor, Jeanette 02 Apr 2007 16:55 UTC

I got a postcard today thanking me for letting them know I chose _not_
to receive it.

Which I had not.  In fact, I had called to request.

Yes, I called again.  Methinks things are still more than a little
harried in the Sports Illustrated offices.

Jeanette Skwor
UW - Green Bay
Cofrin Library

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We received our issue this morning.  Thought you all might like to know.
I'm glad this is finally resolved--It just took a lot of persistence.


Dixon, Frances wrote:

>I, too, called the 800 number this morning and was told our issue would

>be sent out the next business day and should arrive in the next 7-10
>Sara didn't say anything about it being at the printers.
>I'm not holding my breath.
>Frances Dixon
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>Good morning
>Well I just called Sports Illustrated this morning - at the same 800
>number.  I was told the issue was at the printers now and Sports
>Illustrated has no firm date when the Swimsuit Issue will ship.
>I really don't expect to ever see this issue - fortunately my boss went

>out and bought the copy for the library.
>Monique Couillard
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>Have any of you received the swimsuit edition yet?
>On March 8th, our representative at EBSCO was told that the issue would

>be sent to us and would arrive in 7-10 days.  I waited 18 days and when

>it didn't come, I asked our representative at EBSCO to do a follow-up.
>She told me this morning that Time had changed their minds yet again
>that now I had to call DIRECT to request the issue.  She said that
>final "official" word is that all accounts affected were extended by 2
>issues and that you have to call the toll-free number on the postcard
>they should have sent you to have it shipped.
>I don't think I received any such postcard, but my representative had
>the toll free number.  It is 866-228-1175.  I just called and gave them

>my account number, which I also got from EBSCO.  (They asked for my
>account number or zip code.)
>The woman I talked to told me the issue should arrive within 7-10 days.
>She actually said that it would be "resent," and I corrected her,
>it would be sent for the first time.  She said something like, "Sent,
>resent, it doesn't matter."  I asked for her name or a confirmation
>number.  I got her name, but there was no confirmation number.
>I'll let you all know if we receive the issue.  In the meantime, have
>any of you gotten yours?
>-Melissa Farley


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