Re: Sports Illustrated Laura Vogler 20 Apr 2007 16:50 UTC

SI just doesn't seem to have their act together.  We are still waiting
for our issue and from the last postcard received it doesn't look as if
we are going to get it.

Rec'd postcard dated 03/13/07 - If we wanted the swimsuit issue, call them.

Called 03/28/07 - Requested the issue and rep said would ship the next
day and to allow 7 to 10 days.

Rec'd postcard dated 03/30/07 - Sorry for the problem with your sub - we
are sending the replacement requested.

Rec'd postcard dated 03/31/07 - Thank you for letting us know you prefer
not to receive the SI Swimsuit Issue.  We have complied with your
request - blah, blah, blah.

Rec'd postcard dated 04/10/07 - We regret to inform you that the issue
you requested is no longer available.

Good grief.  This issue just is not worth it to us.  It usually goes
missing anyway and we don't need it for binding.  I will be curious to
see if we receive anymore postcards.  I am sure I could start another
round of them if I wanted to call and request the issue again.

Good luck to you!


Couillard, Monique wrote:
> Good morning
> How many libraries are still waiting for their copy of the Swimsuit
> Issue?  I just called customer service again today - they seem a bit
> testy with this question.  I got the stock answer - the issue is still
> being reprinted and now they are extending our subscription for 3 extra
> issues.  I told the customer service rep that doesn't do us any good we
> pay for the year and want what we pay for.
> The rep also asked for my name which I refused to give they have all the
> information they need.  The first time I had my Ebsco rep call Sports
> Illustrated SI told her that someone from the university requested the
> issue not be sent.  We have received many answers from SI on why we have
> not received the Swimsuit Issue.
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