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After reading the details on the elusive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue
for 2007 and the publisher's varied responses, we made an effort to
obtain multiple copies of the issue. We realized that claims will take a
while to fill and wanted to have the issue available to the library
community.  We are sharing this information with you as a service
to the library community.

Sandy Belskis
Absolute Backorder Service, Inc.

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Good morning

How many libraries are still waiting for their copy of the Swimsuit
Issue?  I just called customer service again today - they seem a bit
testy with this question.  I got the stock answer - the issue is still
being reprinted and now they are extending our subscription for 3 extra
issues.  I told the customer service rep that doesn't do us any good we
pay for the year and want what we pay for.

The rep also asked for my name which I refused to give they have all the
information they need.  The first time I had my Ebsco rep call Sports
Illustrated SI told her that someone from the university requested the
issue not be sent.  We have received many answers from SI on why we have
not received the Swimsuit Issue.

Monique Couillard

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