Paris Match pagination Linda Harding 23 Apr 2007 15:00 UTC


It has been brought to my attention that the issues of Paris Match that we
are currently receiving do not begin with page 1.  For example, our copy
#3018, 22-28 March 2007 begins with page 19.  The last interior page is
numbered 114 and the inside of the back cover is p.131.  We keep 3 months of
this publication on our shelves and every issue is similarly numbered.

I'm wondering if such is the case for anyone else and whether or not you
have any information on why this is happening.  My guess is that something
is published that "stays in France" and is not included in issues sent to
the U.S.

Thanks for your help!

Linda Harding
Periodicals Assistant
Elmhurst College Library
190 Prospect Ave.
Elmhurst, IL 60126