Position open at Boston College Lawrence Busenbark 03 Jul 2007 14:31 UTC


University Libraries
The Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Library

Head of Continuing Resources and Monographic Ordering
O'Neill Library
Boston College
Level 26

The Head of Continuing Resources and Monographic Ordering provides
strategic and effective leadership to the units responsible for managing
continuing resources,  acquiring materials in all formats, and managing
the $6,700,000 materials budget in a fiscally responsible manner.
Continuing Resources is responsible for obtaining and managing resources
acquired by subscription in all formats: print journals, e-journals,
databases, microforms, which comprise 80% of the budget.  The Financial
Management/Monographic Ordering unit is responsible for identifying
vendors, placing one-time orders, claiming/troubleshooting orders, and
handling invoicing in the Aleph and PeopleSoft systems.  The work of
acquiring and managing resources has been dramatically transformed as
technological innovations eliminate and/or minimize routine processing
tasks and as collections become increasingly electronic.   Supervising,
supporting, and retraining staff during this transition are key
responsibilities of the Department Head, including identifying training
needs and opportunities for staff development.  Work closely with other
members of the Collection Services Group, which includes the Heads of
Collection Development, Cataloging, and Preservation.

* Manage the materials budget, providing reports to bibliographers
and library management, and utilizing best accounting practices in
keeping with University Financial protocols
* Provide leadership to staff
* Serve as a member of the Library management team and the Collection
Services Group
* Supervise 10 staff members, setting realistic goals, identifying
training and support needs to foster their development and continuing
contributions, particularly their professional development in the
context of a Learning Organization
* Ensure that resources are ordered and/or claimed in a timely manner
to provide optimal service and meet collection needs
* Focus on providing outstanding customer service to bibliographers
and library users
* Manage and develop vendor relations to ensure that the value is
obtained and the best service is provided
* Work collaboratively in an environment where lines of
responsibility have blurred, maintaining open lines of communication
with colleagues

* MLS from an ALA-accredited program or equivalent experience.
* Experience working with print serials and electronic resources,
with a demonstrated understanding of the issues and the workflows involved.
* Experience in library acquisitions, with a good knowledge of
library vendors and the monographic trade industry.
* Experience working with non-print format vendors.
* Experience working with automated systems with a demonstrated
ability to identify and implement technological solutions and
* Successful supervisory experience.
* Thorough understanding of best practices in accounting and the
ability to apply those to the library budget.
* Competency using tools such as MSExcel and MSAccess for reporting
and resource management.
* Familiarity with the Aleph ILS, SFX, and electronic resource
management systems desirable.
* A strong service orientation and excellent collaborative skills.

To apply:
Please visit the Boston College Human Resources Job Opportunities website at


A resume and a cover letter must be submitted as part of the online
application.  The position is reference number 2909.  Position will
remain open until filled.  Candidates applying prior to July 16 will
receive first consideration.

Lawrence Busenbark	(617) 552-2253
Cataloger/Metadata Specialist
O'Neill Library
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA  02167