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Re: AsianWeek Cecelia Sullivan 17 Jul 2007 00:00 UTC

Thanks, Beth,

We discovered this ourselves earlier this year (and we did make use of that
record, thanks!), however the "National" edition issue number (not volume
number)- did you notice this as well?

Cecelia Sullivan

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I corresponded with Mr. Samson Wong of AsianWeek in April of this year
when we began a subscription for this title. It appears the publication
is being repackaged for broader circulation across the country, so that
there are two editions, a "national" and local edition. According to Mr.
Wong, "Volume numbers should be different. Vol 3 represents national
edition. Volume 27 is local. The number of each issue should be the same."

The title of the "national" edition appears as: AsianWeek national. I
added a record for this to OCLC (#123913392).

hope this helps!

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Cecelia Sullivan wrote:
> "AsianWeek" appears to have skipped 48 issue numbers (June 29, 2007 v.
> 3 n. 45 jumped to July 6, 2007 v. 3 n. 94). I assumed this might have
> been an error, but the following issue (July 13, 2007 v. 3 n. 95)
> makes this a pattern. Does anyone know anything about this?
> Thank you,
> Cecelia Sullivan