Re: Journal of interlibrary loan, document delivery & information supply Steven C Shadle 01 Aug 2007 15:20 UTC

> title change, when "Journal of interlibrary loan, document delivery &
> information supply" clearly changed titles to "Journal of interlibrary
> loan, document supply & electronic resource"? Is it because the change
> occured 6 words into the title and the scope of the publication
> (arguably) isn't substantially different? Thanks in advance for any
> help. Doug

Doug -- You hit the nail on the head.  In addition, this could also fall under
21.2C2 b) Minor changes viii)

"the addition to, deletion from, or change in the order of words in a list anywhere in the title, provided that there is no significant change in the subject matter"

since this is a list of three two-word topics.

Change in scope of publication is a cataloger judgment and we've had
discussions about this within conser.  Personally, whenever I question whether
it's a scope change, I go back to "In case of doubt, consider the change to be
a minor change."  Hope this helps.

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