Re: Electronic Serials - Title changes Kim Valenzuela 23 Aug 2007 21:19 UTC

Hi, Cynthia.

I have been working through the same situation. (My frustration level
was high the day I decided on a whim to check ONE title for this and
discovered that many of our Blackwell's titles had older titles attached
to the latest title).  Currently, until we get a better practice in
place, we compare the title access years (i.e. Blackwell 1997-) to the
record's MARC 362 field.  If Blackwell's access is older than the
information in MARC 362, I'm pretty sure there are previous titles

I've got macros set up to check this information when I'm in updating
something else, which helps.   Also, some of the historical title
information comes from our Serials Solutions reports.

I'll set up a better mechanism when I have more time (ha!).  Checking
titles one by one is not the most efficient, I know, but currently, I
don't have much recourse.  It'll be easier when the vendors are
consistent, too, in listing all titles involved in a run.


Kim Valenzuela
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> I am wondering if anyone else is has noticed that the electronic
> of title changes are not listed separately on publisher's websites?  I
> have noticed on several publisher's websites (Blackwell, Springer,
> that title changes show up under the most recent title of that serial,
> that the previous title is buried and is not listed separately.  Does
> the Internet at