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Re: Electronic Serials - Title change Ann Ercelawn 24 Aug 2007 14:07 UTC

Thank you for your efforts, Regina.
I do think the key here is a concerted effort on the part of
librarians (and education of publishers/providers). Individual
institutions' complaints just haven't been effective.
Knowledgebase providers are also grappling with the problem of
inaccurate/incomplete title lists and holdings data from
publishers/providers, so many parties would benefit from better
title change data.

--On Friday, August 24, 2007 7:14 AM -0400 Regina Reynolds
<rrey@LOC.GOV> wrote:

> Staff and myself at the National Serials Data Program (the U.S.
> ISSN center) are trying to educate publishers and those providers
> we work with about the problem of access to former titles.  It's
> something of an uphill battle, I agree.  Pointing out that
> separate ISSN have been assigned (or will be assigned) to the
> former titles, and citations to articles published under the
> former titles are under the former titles has helped some
> publishers understand the problem and list former titles and ISSN
> separately. Just this week we have been communicating about this
> problem to a major society publisher.
> I could envision an ALA committee developing a "best practices"
> document to disseminate to publishers and other providers.
> Perhaps there are other mechanisms that could be used to
> demonstrate in a unified and consistent manner how libraries
> would like former titles to be handled.
> Regina Reynolds
> Head, National Serials Data Program
> On Thu, 23 Aug 2007, Cynthia Koman wrote:
>> Please excuse cross-postings.
>> *-----------------------------------------------------------
>> Hello,
>> I am wondering if anyone else is has noticed that the electronic
>> version of title changes are not listed separately on
>> publisher's websites?  I have noticed on several publisher's
>> websites (Blackwell, Springer, etc.) that title changes show up
>> under the most recent title of that serial, so that the previous
>> title is buried and is not listed separately.  Does anyone know
>> why the titles are being clumped together and not being listed
>> separately?  This is becoming an increasing issue because as we
>> link to our e-journal collection from our e-journal list.
>> If you have noticed this - how are you handling it?
>> Any information anyone can provide would be helpful.
>> Thanks,
>> Cindy
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