Re: Anyone using this combination of vendor tools? Stokes, Judith 04 Aug 2007 14:19 UTC

Hi Pat,

I use Serials Solutions for our A-Z list, but I don't have the ERM, so I
use EJS Enhanced for my registration notes. I suppose I could use the
non-public note fields in SerSol client center instead. But EJS enhanced
is really convenient. I don't have to go looking in Ebsconet to find out
what is going on with the titles, the publishers, the platforms. EJS
sends me email every time there's a change affecting any of my journals.

And in my library, it pays for itself, because I have a few password
access journals,  (either they don't offer IP access or I cannot afford
the site license price). I put the password info in the "end user access
notes" display of EJS enhanced, because it is not public -- you cannot
get into our EJS enhanced screens unless you can pass through our proxy.
Last time I checked, just the difference in price between a JAMA site
license and a JAMA print plus password access subscription would cover a
couple of years of EJS Enhanced.

Of course, your situation might be very different. Good luck with it!

Judith E. Stokes, Serials Librarian
Rhode Island College
600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

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I need to talk to someone who uses Ebsco for a serials agent and has
Serials Solutions for the A-Z list (and ERM.) Or just A-Z list. I'm
confused about what I should be expecting Ebsco to do for me, and
whether I really need to subscribe to Ebsco's EJS Enhanced product,
rather than just the basic EJS, which is what we have now.

If you are willing to share some tips with me I would appreciate it.

Pat Thompson

Patricia Thompson
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