Ser Sol AMS product comparison to Ex Libris A-Z Shroyer, Andrew 10 Aug 2007 18:48 UTC

My Library needs to make a choice between these two products for A-Z
functions.  I would like to hear from anyone whose library has had a
RECENT experience of both (I believe there have been changes to
operations in recent years, so an OLD comparison may not be too useful).
We are considering a "trial" of both, side-by-side, but if someone has
already done a comparison, it may save us a lot of trouble.  Any very
candid off-the-list replies would be great, though if someone is
inspired to reply on-the-list I am all for it too...  I am not
constantly monitoring the list, so I apologize if this topic or question
is a repeat!  THANKS MUCHLY for any words back!

--Andrew Shroyer