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Hello Charles and all,

The pricing is a little interesting.  Which Agent(s) do you use.   We subscribe to these titles, and while I have not gotten the specific prices from our agent about these ones, the titles I have gotten so far are not a flat 10 times the original cost.

I will say, that the price differences are comparable, they are not that flat 'adding a zero to the end'.

I think we can all agree that the prices are exorbitant.  If many of us refuse to purchase the online access, they will soon 'get the point'  We will look at what titles we might wish to cancel should the need arise, however our goal is still to provide the most information sources we can that are needed by our clients.

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>>> "Hamaker, Charles" <cahamake@UNCC.EDU> 8/10/2007 2:43:48 PM >>>
It sort of takes your breath away. I don't know anything comparable.
Here's the quote for the 4 titles we subscribe to. I've included a link
to the editorial boards in case someone has them on their campus.
Here's our quote for 2008 for FTE of 10,001-20,000 for print or print
plus online.

Editorial board listed at:
Print: $224

Print Plus Online: $2240


Editorial board listed at:
Print: $319

Print Plus Online: $3190

Print: $205

Print Plus Online: $2050


Editorial board listed at:
Print: $319

Print Plus Online: $3190

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Has anyone else been aghast (or should we be surprised at any pricing these days) of the recent SLACK, Inc. 2008 model for print and print+online? Based on fte our print subscription, for example, to AAOHN

is $224 and then the online with print goes to $2,240. The rest of the titles follow the same giant leap pattern ($250/$2500, etc.). I'm not real good at % but I think this is astronomical.
And the sad thing is, like so many of these offers for free online with login, we just set up that mechanism for 2007, only to have that pulled away. Our health sciences librarian is pretty conscientious about following these offers and we try to accommodate when possible, but my basic instinct says not to do it.
Just need company in my misery.
Connie Foster

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