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determining the value of bound journal collection Rais, Shirley (LLU) 15 Aug 2007 20:55 UTC

We were asked to determine the value (for insurance purposes) of our
bound serials collection in our journal stacks.  Does anyone know of any
tools or formulas that would help us arrive at a ballpark figure?
We've been tossing around numbers using the number of volumes & titles
we have and current costs of subscriptions & binding, but aren't sure
how close we are.  Obviously much of the older stuff would be
irreplaceable anyway!

Anyway, any help, thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!  LC has a
nice tool to evaluate books by call #
<> ), but we
didn't see one for serials.


Shirley Rais, MLS
Chair, Serials Department
Loma Linda University Libraries
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