Chronicle of Higher Ed-- online archive? Patricia Thompson 17 Aug 2007 15:45 UTC

We just purchased a site license for the Chronicle of Higher Ed, and
right now on the site they have an archive of past issues since 1995
available online for subscribers. We have been purchasing microfilm
of back issues for this title, so the question has arisen as to
whether we can cancel the microfilm subscription since the back
issues will be online.

I asked my sales contact whether these issues would "remain" on the
site so that we could cancel our microfilm, and her response was:
"Yes, they are available on the site."

So maybe she doesn't know. I checked my license agreement and could
find no mention of perpetual access to back issues.

I'm trying to learn when I can cancel things and when I can't, and
when to spend the time to dig further and when to just keep the
status quo, etc. Do any of you have additional knowledge about this
(or advice...?)

Pat Thompson

Patricia Thompson
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