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 First, thank you for asking. Next, we rarely claim for damaged material but when we do, my best estimate is that we have more or less the same number of damaged wrapped as we do unwrapped. Also, having the label on the issue is often helpful for things like easy access to the subscriber number. Printing it directly to the cover assures it won't come off. It is also an added security feature so that if someone tries to walk out with the issue, it is hard to argue with the library's address on the cover. Whether printed on the cover or added with a label isn't as important as not covering up information like the titles of cover stories and such. And finally, removing wrappers adds work to our processing, not to mention trash to the landfill. Thanks,
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817 257 6485 TEL On Mon 01/28, LUFF, Kirsty < kirsty.luff@OXFORDJOURNALS.ORG > wrote:From: LUFF, Kirsty [mailto: kirsty.luff@OXFORDJOURNALS.ORG]To: SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDUDate: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:50:14 -0000Subject: [SERIALST] Journals without wrappers?***Apologies for cross posting***Dear colleaguesDue to our own environmental concerns, and because some of our societypartners are requesting it, we're investigating the feasibility ofsending out some journals without wrappers. The cover of these journalswould instead contain a sticker with address information which could beeasily removed.We understand that a number of journals, notably Nature and Science, arealready sent out this way in the US?We would appreciate answers, on or off list, to the following questions:1. Do you receive journals without wrappers?2. If so, do they arrive damaged?3. Do you/how often do you have to raise claims to the publisher fordamaged copies?Many thanks in advance.KirstyKirsty Luff |
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