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Re: ? Re: Principal Leadership Barbara Pope 30 Jan 2008 14:01 UTC

Hi, Linda.  I had observed that, too, but I thought they put High School
Ed one on and Middle School Edition on the other.  Doing it the seem on
both makes it look like the title merged.

Barbara Pope

Linda Pitts wrote:
> Hi Barbara,
> We don't have our February 2008 issues of Principal Leadership yet,
> but they've been putting out one combined convention issue every year
> since 2004, so I assume they've done it again this year.  In past
> years, it's been the February or March issue, and they've called it
> "Principal leadership, annual NASSP Convention ed."  I added notes to
> OCLC records #43932836 (middle school ed.) and #44998698 (high school
> ed.) to that effect last year, and NSDP has now added an 022 $y for
> 1529-8957 to #44998698.
> It drive me nuts, too, which is probably why I remember doing the work
> on this title.  But at least they're being consistent on which ISSN
> they're using (so far anyway).
> --Linda
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> On Mon, 28 Jan 2008, Barbara Pope wrote:
>> Hi, everyone.  Has anyone else seen the February 2008 issue of Principal
>> Leadership?  It says right on the front that is the Middle Level and
>> High
>> School Edition.  The ISSN number printed in both issues that we received
>> is 1529-8957, which is the number for the Middle Level Edition.  I
>> checked
>> Worldcat, which does not show a new record.  Is this perhaps just a
>> special issue for both titles?  I wish publishers would quit doing stuff
>> like this.  It drives us nuts.
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