E-usage products. Susan Wishnetsky 14 Jan 2008 17:48 UTC

Howdy, all.

I've been asked to explore products which provide usage
statistics for online books, journals and databases -- cost,
features, ease of use, inclusiveness, etc.

I know that subscription agents such as Ebsco provide this,
as well as link-resolving products like SFX, and I do want to
include these in my report.

But my understanding is that these require a special URL,
which channels users through the product, in order for the
use to be counted.  So if a user at an on-site workstation,
or logged into the library's proxy, accesses an electronic
resource directly (by googling or following a link sent to them
via e-mail or whatever), their use will not be counted.

The only product I'm aware of that actually collaborates with
e-resource providers to obtain all of an institutions' usage,
regardless of how the user gets to the resource, is Scholarly
Stats.  Is that really the only one?  Anyone know of any others?

Maybe y'all should reply directly to me and I can summarize
responses, rather than fill up all our mailboxes with individual
replies.  E-mail <pasiphae@northwestern.edu>.  Thanks.  SW

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