Hello-Silly question about how to put a newspaper on a woooden "newspaper stick" Palmer, Leslie 14 Jan 2008 20:04 UTC


I am a Periodicals Clerk in a Community College Library.  We have moved
into a new building and have been given a new "newspaper rack" for
displaying the days newspapers.  It is one of these units that has
"newspaper sticks" as the tool to use to hold the daily papers.  My unit
and sticks have no instruction manual and I have tried to figure out on
my own how to insert the papers into these dowel-things, but all I have
succeeded in doing is swearing a lot and breaking one of the sticks.
Does anyone know how to insert the paper into these sticks?  Do I staple
the paper on the seam of the paper or do I staple it in the left margin?

Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you-

Leslie Palmer

Periodicals Clerk

Orange Coast College Library