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Re: What works in teaching and learning re-numbering Steven C Shadle 16 Jan 2008 18:44 UTC

CCM 8.7.1.

Changes in the system of numbering that do not go back to no. 1

If a publisher changes the system of numbering in some way, without beginning again with “no.1" or its equivalent, do not change the numbering in field 362 (or 500), but make a note when considered important, in field 515.

So for this title, something like:

515  Issues for Nov. 2007- numbered: v. 4, issue 4-

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On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Fogler, Patricia A CIV USAF AETC AUL/LTSC wrote:

> I'm looking at the serial title: What works in teaching and learning.  [Alexandria, Va. : ǂb Capitol Publications, ǂc 1997- ]
> When the Nov. 2007 issue arrived, we were expecting vol. 39, issue 11 and instead we received vol. 4, issue 4.   After communicating with the publisher we were told simply that the former publisher (Aspen) has merged with the LRP (current publisher) numbering system.  I just checked our holdings and the title has been published by LRP back through January 2006 so this is not a new publisher.  The title has not changed, only the numbering.
> I see 120 other holdings on the record.  Can anyone tell me how they are updating their record?   I'm a bit confused by CONSER's direction when dealing with numbering changes.
> b. Numbering systems are the same (i.e., not distinguishable)
> When the numbering begins again with no. 1 or its equivalent [does this mean the numbering has to restart with some equivalent of #1?] using the same form of numeric and chronological designation without words, such as “new series,”
> Prior to the 2002 revision of AACR2, such changes required the creation of a new record.
> supply these words or their equivalent in the language of the serial.
> Do I add a new 362 tag with [new series] to our record?
> How do I account for a title going from vol. 39, issue 10 to vol. 4, issue 4 without picking up numbering of another title that I can discern.   In case there is interest, this record on OCLC: 36487080  Held by AAU - 121 other holdings.
> Any assistance would be most gratefully appreciated!
> Patricia
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