Survey: purchasing electronic journal backfiles Christina Torbert 01 Feb 2008 16:41 UTC

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to participate in a survey about purchasing electronic journal
back file packages.

Below is a link to a short survey, hosted by  The survey
should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

The survey does ask for some basic library demographic information, but does
not ask for any specific identifying information about your or your library.
Also, the survey does not ask for any contract details that might fall under
confidentiality clauses.

I would ask that only one person from each institution represented on this
list respond to this survey.  This survey is being sent to several lists,
and I apologize for any duplication

This study has been reviewed by The University of Mississippi's
Institutional Review Board (IRB).  The IRB has determined that this study
fulfills the human research subject protections obligations required by
state and federal law and University policies.  If you have any questions,
concerns, or reports regarding your rights as a participant of research,
please contact the IRB at (662) 915-7482.

Click here to open survey:

Thank you for your willingness to participate.


Christina Torbert

Head of Serials & Associate Professor

J.D. Williams Library

University of Mississippi