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Subject: REMINDER: OR08 Call for Repository Case Histories


OR08: Call for Repository Case Histories
Submission deadline: February 29th 2008.
Further information:

The OR08 Program Committee invites submissions of Repository Case Histories
from the managers of established repositories, to be collected by the
conference for sharing among the community of repository managers. Repositories
are being deployed in a variety of a business settings (learning, science,
research, cultural heritage) and across a range of scales (subject, national,
regional, institutional, project, laboratory, personal). A key aim of the OR08
conference is to address the managerial, practical and professional issues that
arise from these diverse repositories as they contribute to an increasingly
pervasive information environment.

This call will result in an evidence base to inform good practice, encourage
discussion, facilitate networking and help raise the profile of the emerging
profession. The collection of case histories will be used as a resource for
discussion in the OR08 repository managers' meeting (see below), and
disseminated publicly as a part of an ongoing collection of repository
histories that can also be studied and analysed by information science students
and researchers.

Each submission should describe a repository from multiple perspectives,
including some of the following:
- organisational context
- the repository's mission
- building a business case
- overview of current contents
- overview of current deposit activity
- developmental phases
- institutional embedding
- faculty engagement
- policy formulation
- hosting and support
- service sustainability
- measuring and demonstrating success
- key challenges faced
- major achievements
- important unresolved issues

The challenge of a good case history is to incorporate open and honest
reflection of lessons learned. There is no set format or page limit for
submissions; the important consideration is to capture as much detail as you
think relevant and to be as thorough as the tight deadline allows you. The
community will benefit more from a brief 1-page submission than from an
unfinished, unsubmitted 4-page masterpiece! Each case history will undergo a
light-touch peer-review process by the Programme Committee to ensure relevance;
since the call is not competitive the acceptance notification will be given
within two working days of the individual submission.

** A Repository Manager Meeting and Reception will take place after the final
plenary paper presentation on Wednesday April 2nd. This will be a chance for
networking, discussion and debate followed by food, wine and a chocolate
fountain. The event will be facilitated by the JISC Repository Support Project
and the UK Council of Research Repository managers (UKCoRR), but in the style
of an Unconference the agenda will be set by
the attendees.